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“William is both attentive to detail and thoughtful in his advise. I highly recommend his services.”

-Richard H.
August 5, 2014, Richard was William M. Dellicato’s client

“Bill is simply a great attorney, we have worked with him on a variety of deals.”

-Donald M.
July 3, 2013, Donald was William M. Dellicato’s client

“Bill is superb lawyer who we have hired several times for or real estate needs and other legal work. I would totally recommend him and would happily act as a reference.”

-Jane R.
February 9, 2011, Jane S. was William M. Dellicato’s client

“Can’t go wrong with Bill. We’ve been extremely happy with his work product and he has always been a gentleman. Happy to provide my endorsement, professionally and personally.”

-Eric K.
September 20, 2010, Eric was William M. Dellicato’s client

“Bill Dellicato has represented my wife and I in all our legal transactions since 1999. He has an incredible depth of knowledge across multiple legal areas, and there is no area where I have not been able to benefit from his advice. Bill has counseled me on everything ranging from real estate to estate planning to business formation, and has always provided superb advice and guidance. He is quick-witted and able to improvise where necessary, as evidenced during the purchase of our apartment. When a minor issue during our closing threatened to temporarily derail the purchase, Bill drew up a hand-written document that was signed by all parties in order to get the closing performed on the day. Most importantly, Bill is someone in whom I place my trust unconditionally. If Bill tells me something I know it is true, and if he promises to do something I know it will be done. Add this to his incredibly deep legal knowledge and wonderfully friendly and personable manner and you will find Bill to be an unparalleled legal resource.”

-Troy O.
September 20, 2010, Troy was William M. Dellicato’s client

“We hired Bill and his law firm to represent us when we sold our Co-Op Apartment and also to purchase our New Condominium in 2008.

Bill proved very adept in handling all the issues which were thrown our way, given the turmoil in the economy and the uncertain lending environment home buyers were subjected to around that time.

When our mortgage lender JPMorgan Chase did not disburse the funds on time for our closing, Bill facilitated a “closing in escrow” with the developer’s attorney to expedite the process without any hitches.

He read through the offering memorandum and prospectus of the New Condo and gave us his unadulterated point of view to help us make an informed decision. With him I always got the impression that I would get the real facts, good and bad.

Since then Bill and his wife have become good friends of ours. I would recommend his services to anyone seeking Real Estate Legal representation without any reservations.”

-Sanjay M.
September 19, 2010, Sanjay was William M. Dellicato’s client

“I have personally known William M. Dellicato for over ten years and have great respect for his leadership, professionalism and high ethical standard, and certainly recommend him and his firm.”

-J.F. A.
September 18, 2010, J.F. worked with William M. Dellicato but they were at different companies

“I highly recommend William Dellicato for your legal needs. I am a Real Estate Broker in Manhattan and Mr. Dellicato has been my preferred choice to refer my clients to for many years. I have also used Mr. Dellicato for my personal real estate transactions and was very satisfied to have him represent me. He always exceeds my client’s expectations as well as mine and is very competitive with his fees. He has a thorough understanding of the issues involved in a real estate transaction and is 100% reliable and trustworthy. I have never had a client complain about him in all the years we have been doing business together and will continue to use him without hesitation.”

-Patrick C.
September 14, 2010, Patrick was William M. Dellicato’s client

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bill several times over the past four years and he consistently lives up to his commitment to the highest level of client service. He is proactive, insightful and exceptionally easy to work with. I recommend him without reservation.”

-James B.
September 14, 2010, James was William M. Dellicato’s client

“As a principal of a title insurance company I have seen many attorneys. Some are good, same are bad and some are plain lousy. On rare occasion you will come across the exceptional real estate attorney. Bill Dellicato fits perfectly into that category.

You as the client have the ability to allow your attorney to be as broad or narrow in your representation as you like. Whether you are purchasing residential or commercial real estate I have seen first hand Mr. Dellicato with clients. He values and treats his clients in the most amicable and respectful fashion. He takes time to help you: understand the various facets of the Contract of Sale including how you should take title on the property; check that there are no covenants, restrictions, easements, liens, etc. recorded against the property that will obstruct your use and enjoyment of the property; prepare and review all the legal documents; clarify the terms of your mortgage and work with your lending institution, if necessary to modify certain terms; analyze the adjustments, including real estate taxes prior to the closing; attend the closing and scrutinize all the papers you will be required to sign; arrange for title insurance to protect you from any loss due to title defects; make certain you receive a valid recorded deed.

In a similar fashion if you are the seller of real estate Mr. Dellicato will: prepare and negotiate the terms of the Contract of Sale; examine the title insurance commitment for objections; discuss and dispose of any title exceptions with the title insurance counsel; prepare the deed and the other numerous closing instruments which are required by City and State law; attend the closing and examine all the documents you will be required to sign; calculate all the adjustments from rents to real estate taxes.

Especially in these days it is very easy for any real estate transaction to fall apart for any number of reasons. To professionally protect you and make sure that you can leave the closing table in a manner that is satisfying and amicable you should give very serious consideration to retaining Mr. Dellicato as your attorney.”

-Rafael C.
September 14, 2010, Rafael was William M. Dellicato’s client

“I have known William Dellicato for several years and have hired him as my attorney several times. He provided excellent support and legal guidance when I purchased my apartment, prepared my will and establishing a revocable trust. I have happy directed friends and family to work with William when they needed the services of an honest, reputable attorney.”

-John C.
September 13, 2010, John was William M. Dellicato’s client

“Bill is a consummate professional who has helped my husband and me with a number of real estate transactions.

Bill has been practicing law in NY and NJ for over 15 years. His knowledge of the field is extensive. He is staunchly committed to his clients regardless of the scope of the project.

I have wholeheartedly recommended Bill as an attorney to many of my friends for both their real estate and trust & estate needs. They have all been as pleased as I have been with his diligent work, integrity, knowledge, patience, pleasant demeanor and reasonable rates.”

-Hope O.
September 13, 2010, Hope was William M. Dellicato’s client

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